Life in six suitcases…Blog 101

(this is an exercise for a blogging course I am taking. if this reads like i’m introducing myself, i am.  to those who already know me, bear with me as I learn more about blogging as I blog!)

I retired at 10:35 AM on New Year’s Eve day. With a broad grin on my face and a definite spring in my step I walked away from 30+ years of nine-to-five.

On March 2, just a little over a month from now, my husband, daughter and I will board a jet bound for Ecuador to start a new life as expats. We will have squeezed all of our worldly possessions down to six suitcases and three carry-ons and embarked freeimage-19582461-webon a new life in a new land.

And we want to keep in touch with family and friends.  I want to document this adventure of a lifetime for our 11 year-old daughter through images, insights, recipes and personal musings.

I choose to go public to make access easy for those who want to keep in touch. To keep things simple for me.  And to keep up with the times.  I love to write and many have encouraged me to write more and this is one of the ways I plan to do it.  We’ll see the outcome.

A year from now?  I hope to be able to communicate fluently in Spanish on the blog. I’d like to have a growing base of readers and perhaps enough material from which to start a book.  Or not.  I’m open to whatever.

So this is a project of indeterminate length, really.  But one that will help me be disciplined in documenting this wonderful next stage of our life.



24 thoughts on “Life in six suitcases…Blog 101

  1. Can’t wait to start reading your musings as this adventure unfolds. I have enjoyed your writing so much over the years. This will be fun.


  2. We’re loving this and are taking notes cause we’re not far behind you…so beware, there might be a knock on your puerta !


  3. Looking forward to you musings, and would be one of the first in line to purchase your book.
    Give Ruth and Paul a hug from us when you see them.


  4. Thanks for the follow Nancy. Your retirement sounds like a refirement – a refiring of new cylinders you haven’t put to full use. I love the sound of adventure this conjures up in mind and I look forward to hearing about Ecuador in the future. I’ve heard that it’s a beautiful country. Hope your daughter enjoys it! Best. Chevvy.

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  5. Woow, what a great adventure is laying ahead for you! Hope it’s a good one with lots and lots great new memories! Enjoy every second of it (:


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