Pachamama mama

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 10.46.26 AMpachamama: goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes. she is also known as the earth/time mother.

i first encountered the Pachamama in the mid 90’s visiting the Andes. walking through a street market in La Paz, i spied a statue of a rather corpulent woman with a child in her lap. being somewhat large myself, i connected immediately.
some say she is the equivalent to the Virgin Mary in Christianity and that makes sense.
though not raised Catholic, i am deeply drawn to the imagery of the Madonna and child.
i purchased the small statue and brought her home with me. she has found a place in each of my many homes. sometimes tucked away on a shelf, usually front and center on the mantle.
today, however, Pachamama is packed away in storage where she’ll remain until who knows when. she won’t be making the trek to Ecuador with david, katherine and me.  no need to take her along as her presence will surround us every day in her home in the Andes.
most of packing is yet to be done. soon. our time on US soil is winding down. two weeks and we’ll be on the first leg of our journey.  david purchased our tickets yesterday with a february 28 departure. and he reserved our temporary residence in Cuenca at Avenida 12 de Abril. we’ll have 30 days to find our permanent home and settle in. between january 26 and february 28 we’ll be on the road saying our goodbyes.
the adrenaline is starting to pump and energy levels are spiking. i’m thinking more seriously now about what to take. what of our life here is valuable enough to make the seven suitcases.  yes, we added one.  six just didn’t seem enough. we’re a seven suitcase family.
what’s left?  dispose of two cars. more a challenge than we anticipated due to the fact the Volkswagon lied about how green our 2012 diesel Passat is hence the value plummeted in the past few months.  but that too is outside of our control and we will roll with the punches. any my old faithful 2002 Mitsubishi  SUV is worth considerably more than we thought.  cars for sale. cars for sale. adventuresome family has two cars for sale!
and my iphone is going bye-bye. the world is too much with me with that thing around.  if i can’t email, i won’t worry about  it.  this pachamama mama is going phoneless in Ecuador.
david and i have discovered just how hard it is to give things away in our more affluent society.  despite phone calls and emails to organizations, charities and individuals, it seems nearly impossible to donate furniture, bedding, dishes, etc.  i look around and see how much STUFF  we have and it’s embarrassing. the future of little to no possessions feels so good. so freeing.  so light. this is absolutely the right move for us in so many ways.
God is good. during this process of divesting ourselves of most of our worldly possessions, i’ve been able to see just how much i have looked at things to give me a sense of value. worth. respectability.  importance.
for me, at this point, all that amounts to is unnecessary baggage that means absolutely nothing.  i consider the men and women i have known throughout my life that have not fallen into this trap and i have renewed respect for them. mary and watson, for example.
my parents lived  full and rich lives with very few possessions. they died leaving virtually nothing of monetary value. but their love, their faith, mom’s music and dad’s generosity touched and enriched so many.
they left behind a treasure trove of memories. i look at the stuff surrounding me and can’t wait to be free of it. free to move on with less to weigh us down.
we’re going to the land of pachama where, it seems to me, earth and life are celebrated with more intention, more frequently and more fervently than places i have know. and i am ready. you’re welcome to drop in anytime.

2 thoughts on “Pachamama mama

  1. We have a growing pile of stuff to leave somewhere for you. Don’t know how you’ll get it home! Cold here. Not so eager to go on the cross country trip. Just don’t like car travel like you do. I just want to go to the beach! Hiring a crew to come and empty out house. I ain’t packing up no mo boxes! You know you are welcome in Ecuador whenever and for however long. Love you too. That God bess you till we meet again has me picturing you with a hanky in hand and a tear in your eye , waving as we head out into the sunset!


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