3,900 down, 3800 to go

In the past three weeks, we’ve logged close tScreen Shot 2016-02-16 at 12.45.26 PMo 4,000 miles on the rental car. We’ve braved a blizzard in Iowa and record-breaking heat in California. (As you know,  I much preferred the raging blizzard. )

At the moment, I sit at the dining room table with husband and daughter — one crunching away on cereal and the other singing to herself as she scouts the web. Today is our final day in San Clemente, enjoying a quiet rest in a flora-surrounded condo near the Pacific.

Katherine is bound and determined to try out the waves. She’s found a wet suit that just about fits and is ready to conquer the Pacific.

I’ll wander down to the beach but the temperature is to get near 90 today. Not my idea of a good even with the breeze.  Bah Humbug. Give me the quiet, a bit of shade and I’m happy.

We have only 12 days to go before we leave for Quito.  So far in our trek across the country we’ve been able to break bread, share a drink and spend the night with 59 different members of our family and friends.

We come from good stock. I do believe we can’t find a nicer or more generous group of people in the whole world I truly believe. This introductory phase of our new adventure brings Katherine face to face with people she might now see again for years. I see her opening up and interacting more easily with every stop.

Next stop, San Antonio, with Vernon, Texas, Siloam Springs Arkansas and Atlanta on its heels.

Our rental van comes equipped with a DVD player so Katherine has watched our entire collection of Studio Ghibli movies not once, but twice. David and I have practiced Spanish for hours. (Quiero una cerveza fria, por favor!) We’ve listened to a 15-disc book that left us both in tears.  I do believe we will end this trip more educated and better prepared to begin life in Ecuador.

But here’s what I’ve learned about myself living in the microcosm of an 8-passenger van. I have much work (mucho trabajo)  to do if I want to be known and remembered as a gracious, gentle  and accepting person.  Mucho.

I truly want to refine my responses to be those that promote peace not creative more tension. I do, I do. But that sure doesn’t come naturally or easily. Let the work begin!

Until next time, adios!



8 thoughts on “3,900 down, 3800 to go

    • the city we are about to call home is so pretty. has a good vibe. i’m sitting before an open window, observing the city come to life and enjoying the breeze. life is so good!! take care. stay out of trouble!


    • hey Dorothy. think of you often down here as I know you and Arnie would love it and fit right in. oh that i knew Spanish. I’m learning but it will take time. it is absolutely LOVELY! right now watching a man and his son playing in the river across the street. so much to experience here. God is good! take care dear friend.


    • thanks. yes forgiveness…this is going to be a great time of learning for me. i value your words. and i love your blog. i am following you. we hope to begin a much healthier way of eating and living here in ecuador. will try some of your recipes. and your face is lovely—you reflect such joy!

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