perdóname, while i change

I’m in search for just the right look for this blog.  One that both reader and i find friendly, easy to read, inviting and clean.  The previous two templates just didn’t feel right. This does.  So I think we’ll stay with “Button” for a while. Hope you like it. Leave a comment if you feel like it and tell me what you think.

Tomorrow marks the launch of a new blogging project in which I’m participating. The 2016 A to Z Blogging Challenge . Every day (except Sunday) I’ll post a short blog whose topic is associated with a letter of the alphabet.  April 1 is “A”, the 2nd is “B” etc.  By the end of the month, you’ll know 26 more things that make our life here in Cuenca, Ecuador exceptional.

Maybe it will be enough to inspire you to visit.

Found out early this morning that Katherine starts school this coming Monday.  Grade 6. Compete with school uniform and brand new school supplies.  Shopping for pens, paper, and glue sticks brightens up our little Miss Priss’ attitude immensely!

Calling rights soon. Our phone service will be up and running today.  The longer we’ve been here the more I’ve felt he need to be able to get in touch with David when he is away on his long walks.  Or in the case of an emergency.  We’ll be sending family and friends the numbers soon.

It’s a beautiful morning in the Andes. I look forward to sharing with an alphabet of Cuencano trivia.

Adios, mis amigos!

8 thoughts on “perdóname, while i change

  1. ‘Button’ feels right to me, too! Happy to hear Katherine will be going to school Monday…is she excited, nervous, or a combo?


    • hey! she kind of moaned when we told her this morning…but i think she’s really ok. truly, she’s psyched about getting new school supplies and backpack! it will be good. she needs to get out of the house! thanks for your input!


  2. All your writings are great, no matter the format.
    Blessings to Katherine and her school, she will do well, I am sure.
    Is breathing getting better for you?
    Missed you all on Easter.


  3. I love your blog, Nancy. This format is good. The other was OK with me, too. This is very clear. The other seemed more unique and unusual. I like your posts, too. Thanks. Most of all, of course, I admire the way you stepped out on a new adventure. Many blessings!


  4. It seems you’re settling in there, little by little. I hope Katherine finds her school warmly welcoming and interesting and makes friends quickly. I like this theme. The font is easy to read and the background, with its Spanish style motif seems highly appropriate and just subtle enough not to detract from the content of the blog. Well done!


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