Black hair, blue skies & belching buses

I could paint of picture of Cuenca and entitle it, “A Study of Black and Blues.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 08.17.41Having just left the South where blondes are as ubiquitous as kudzu and Baptist churches, I’m still getting used to seeing dark, flowing locks wherever I look.  Most of the younger women wear it shoulder-length or longer, and straight. Teenage boys have it coiffed, with a generous sweep on top. Men belonging to one of Ecuador’s many indigenous tribes can wear a single long braid down their back.  David says he’s considering growing his hair out.  But I tell him a long gray hair, much less a braid, definitely lacks the sex appeal of a thick mane of shiny black. I encourage him to keep his gray style short.

The skies give us a peak at their true Robin’s blue egg-color at least once a day. CloudScreen Shot 2016-04-01 at 07.49.24 coverage may come and go, but Cuencanos can pretty much count on brilliant skies at some point every 24-hours. It’s like heaven breaks into one giant grin. I can’t help but smile.

And then there is the fleet of 450+ blue diesel buses that transport the majority of the population from place to place. Aside from the pervasive fumes and considerable noise pollution,  Cuenca has every right to be proud of its city-wide transportation system. Seniors ride for 12 cents, all others pay a quarter. Though you’ve never sure if the drivers will stick exactly to schedule or the route, you can count on getting where you’re going in safety and relative comfort.

From the red tile roofs to bold, bright weavings, verdant trees and abundant flowers, the city bursts with color. The black and blues create a beautiful contrast.


8 thoughts on “Black hair, blue skies & belching buses

  1. I checked the monthly temperatures in Cuenca and was amazed how little they vary throughout the year. It sounds like a very pleasant climate although I’m wondering if the wet or dry season is preferable. I imagine you will find out.


    • Thanks Sarah. I can’t take credit for most of the photos…but so glad you like them! Oh that I had your skill! So happy things went well with the house. I can feel your joy from here! Love you. Hug your mom for me.


  2. Hi Nancy!

    Julie L shared your blog with me. I’m excited to read about your family adventure! Ten years ago, John and I moved with our daughters (11 & 13) to China for 2 years so I can relate to your stories. We remember most the ways that God showed up.



    • So good to hear from you. Have kept up with you thru Julie. We are loving here. Have an occasional blue period but did that in us, too. Trust you and John are well. How are the girls? Been so long…but have very fond memories of us all. Glad you wrote. I hear you are in bible study with old friends…Dorans? Small world!


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