fronds and flowers at the new cathedral

I wasn’t there so I tell you this only from heresay.

But it’s pretty reliable heresay.

Seems that on this past Easter Sunday, the flower ladies at the New Cathedral got into fisticuffs with the women selling palm fronds.

Everybody was talking.

The flower ladies have the El Centro market to themselves all year round. Every day of the week, you can walk by the dozens of stalls and have your pick of  blossoms, blooms and buds in every color and size.  A dozen roses, $2.  Baby’s breath, lilies, carnations–bucket after bucket of long-stem somethings stand in water, waiting to be picked up and taken home to infuse fragrance and beauty into your home.

But on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, the fronds arrive. This greenery is essential to the myriad celebrations throught the city and in the churches. And of course, the frond people want prime real estate to sell their two-weeks-only goods.

The area next to the southern side of the Cathedral is just the place. Near the main doors. Adjacent to the flow of foot traffic.

So, apparently, the women with fronds moved in on the flower ladies turf, set up temporary shop and … a war broke out.

I didn’t hear of anyone getting hurt. I image some flowers were crushed in the kerfuffle. And it was over pretty quickly. Jimmy the Greek didn’t have time to make the odds.

But word spread fast. Fight’s on in El Centro!

It strikes me as odd that on the holiday that celebrates the death and resurrection of the Prince of Peace two flora factions took each other in the pursuit of bigger profits.

I’m not sure who won.  The flower children are back to their original stalls and the palm fronds people are nowhere to be seen. But they’ll be back next Spring, bearing bundles of leafy greens to pave the way for the Christ figure.

Slapstick comedy at the Cathedral.

I find myself humming, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me…”



3 thoughts on “fronds and flowers at the new cathedral

  1. People love to watch a fight. It must be some primeval instinct. Surely this doesn’t happen every year because the frond sellers must have coming there for years and years. It would be interesting to see if they tried a new space this year and upset the tradition.


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