h is for homesick

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 17.01.25I’m happy in Cuenca.

Don’t want to go anywhere else.

But yesterday and today, I’ve been surprisingly homesick.

I miss what is familiar. I miss picking up the phone and calling a sister or a friend. I miss walking out into the garage, turning on the car and driving somewhere for the smallest thing. I miss opening the refrigerator and seeing groceries packaged the way I’m used to.

And I really miss walking down the street and understanding almost everything that is being said.

The mother of one of Katherine’s new friends told me this morning that it’s about the right amount of time for me to get homesick.

It’s a common malady and easily treated by living through it.

Luckily for me, it hit the day I needed an “H”for the blog.





7 thoughts on “h is for homesick

  1. Nancy, I remember when we were in Zambia, I was probable pregnant or possibly just ticked off at Leon for some reason,(I didn’t always have or need a reason though). I so badly wanted to see my mommy back in Los Angeles and realized I was so many miles from her that I could not even calculate how many
    I’d need to travel to get over there. Oh! and I didn’t have travel fare That horrible pity party passed on by as will yours. Passing on a huge hug. PS I’d be embarrassed to list some of the things I missed. Stoic Leon probably never went through all these female type emotions.

    What you three have done is beyond admirable and we love you the more for it. What do you most want me to bring when we come? Lou


  2. Those moments are part and parcel of being in a new place, always, and even more so when that place is so different from what we have known. Keep reaching out, going out, and connect with folks back home?


  3. Hi Nancy! From my experience and what I’ve learned from others who’ve moved overseas, you’re right on schedule. The first month feels like vacation. Months 2-3/4 are mourning what’s lost and frustrated with what’s new and, finally, in month 4/5 the new becomes normal. I’d usually forget I even lived in China until I saw the Chinese flag flapping in the breeze on our college campus. Thanks for sharing the highs and lows!


  4. Nancy, believe it or not, you are missed here. Your laughter and your wit are welcome in this blog and I look forward to reading it every day. I read the entire length today to my mother who loves to read and write. She was so impressed and in awe at your talent, she is inspired to write again and will be using you as her teacher! Keep up the good writes!


    • That is so nice to hear? Thanks a bunch! And good for your mom. I’m sure she has lots to put on paper. Hope she gets at it and stays at t! Tryst you are doing well. I’m feeling much better. Went to the movies. Superman and batman…whatever it’s called. They showed it in English with Spanish subtitles. $4 for tickets. Not bad!


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