Keeping up with Katherine

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 13.22.17“I want my kids to grow up speaking Spanish,” Katherine said last night. “It will help them in life.”

That’s quite a change of heart from a girl that one day last week refused to go to school because she couldn’t understand the language and felt the other students were calling her stupid.

David and I had to smile at her about-face thinking.

Our daughter doesn’t say much about her life (and for that matter, her likes and dislikes) here in Cuenca.  She keeps tightlipped with her thoughts concerning being uprooted and replanted in Ecuador. She gets teary-eyed every now and then, but not for long.  She’s a trooper. And I’ve very proud of how she has made the transition.

But it takes its toll and she spends a lot of time alone, sequestered in her room. “I need alone time,” she reminds us. “I get tired of people.”

I imagine she gets tired of hearing Spanish non-stop throughout the day, and understanding very little of it. Yet.  She’s bright. She’ll get it. And then she’ll have the help she needs for a better life.  Just like she wants for her kids.

I admire her. She is definitely her own person. This niña whom God has entrusted to us is certainly one amazing person.

And, may I add, she is often quite maddening. Like this afternoon.

All the grief I gave my parents is coming back to me tenfold.

So I guess parenting doesn’t automatically get easier when you change continents.

Sad. I was hoping it would.

13 thoughts on “Keeping up with Katherine

  1. Our 14yo daughter has said the same thing about getting away from people. We had to move her to a new school two years ago and she had some bad moments but has adjusted well.


  2. When those hormones start kicking in, the roller coaster ride begins. Everyone on the ride needs to hang on tight and trust …. not easy. During my childhood I was shifted around a lot. The most difficult age I found breaking into a new ‘group’ was 15 so Katherine has an advantage there. All the best to her and to you.

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  3. Oooooh! Let the hormone roller coaster begin! I’ve been down that road a few times, and with an 11-year-old and 13-year-old in the house, we’ll be heading down it again. Best advice I can give? Find other moms of preteen girls and hang tight. You’re going to need the comeraderie.

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