Z: It’s All about Mary/ #a-to-z challenge/ Zee End

We’ve reached zee end of my April posts on Mary Scott Gash Thornton.

For those who have read the daily blogs, thank you, thank you, thank you.  Your responses have made me smile, tear up and thank God for having people in my life like Mary and like you.

Even if you’ve just read one or two, I thank you, too.

For me this exercise has brought back so many wonderful memories of people, places and things that, though centered on Mary, have enriched my life immensely.

Much more can be said about this short, round, rosy-cheeked woman. She had a heart the size of Greenland and brought music and laughter to the lives of so many.

Mary continues to teach  me.  When she was alive and mothering me, I tended not to listen a lot.  Examining her life over the past 30 days I have seen more clearly who she was and what she has meant to me. And to others.

My spirits have improved over the past four weeks. I do believe I’ve fussed less at David, groused fewer times at Katherine, felt less angst, sang more, cried less (except for those of remembrance and love) and generally behaved like a better human being.

Mary continues to have her influence on my life.

My prayer is that one day my daughter will have a fraction of the good things to say or write or remember about me.

Mama will never be remembered in history. Her passing left no mark on our times. But her well-lived life, her laughing spirit, her music-filled days have enriched mine immensely.

Mary Scott Gash Thornton — a woman of exceptional talent, a quiet person who was loud and clear about what she believed and whom she loved, a mom who made every one of her children feel like the most loved person in the world and a wife who loved her husband until her last breath.

I wish you could have known her.  But I suppose by now you do, at least a little.

Thank you again for being with me for the A-to-Z Challenge…It’s All about Mary.


12 thoughts on “Z: It’s All about Mary/ #a-to-z challenge/ Zee End

  1. I loved reading all your posts. Well done to us both for getting to Z. It is time to get back to all the other jobs that have been waiting. What is your next challenge? Mine is to get ready for an expedition by caravan to the Kimberley (north west Australia) and maybe a blog to go with it.

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  2. I have enjoyed reading your stories. You have such a talent. Enjoyed the special insight into your special family. Praying one day all of our children can “rise up and call her blessed.” Proverbs 31.

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  3. Sigh,,,I knew in my mind that eventually you would get to “Z”…but my heart doesn’t want to accept that it’s over. Please continue to share your writings through your blog. I truly enjoy reading your work!


  4. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your posts about your mother. I read them all (A-Z) tonight. I was not quite 12 when we left Greenfield in 1965 but your blog has brought back many fond memories for me. I loved to hear your mother play the piano, and we occasionally went to the Sunday evening services to hear your dad preach. (I always liked to go because of the fun stuff for the kids to do.) I remember that basement of your church, the flannel storyboards, and making posters about missionaries.

    I remember your mother’s cooking, too. The first time I ever ate (or even heard of) chop suey was at your house. And I always think of your mother whenever I have cake with brown sugar frosting. She taught me to crochet when I was 11, a hobby which I enjoy to this day.

    Your parents were wonderful, caring people and so kind to my family. Thanks for the memories!

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    • Thanks so much, Anne. So nice to hear from you. I remember our families spending time together and I so enjoyed it. Writing the blog brought back so many wonderful memories…I enjoyed more and more as the days went by. Thanks you for reading and responding. Trust you are well…and your family. Best wishes.


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