Sci-fi & Old Time Religion: Good Enough for Me

34665334I recently read a new science-fiction book, The Reality Thief, written by an acquaintance here in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Paul Anlee worked as a nanotechnologist or some kind of “ist” in his past life in Canada. For all I know, he was a rocket scientist. I haven’t asked him specifics about his career because I figure the answer involves mathematics or light speed, quantum something or any number of lofty concepts that do not register in my brain.

He uses his technology-rich past to whip up some fascinating science fiction. His characters are interesting, the story engaging and descriptions vivid. I’m sold on book number one and look forward to the release of volumes two and three.

Paul told me before I entered his futuristic world that I’d probably not agree with much of the content. Seems he doesn’t believe in God and I do.

Paul writes smart, interesting stuff.  Reading his prose ignites little fires in my brain. Thoughts race along and form what-if questions. Thousand-year conflicts rage between believers and non-believers within his book. Worlds rise and fall. New and old religions battle it out on the grandest scale.

Interesting because that’s where I am in my faith.

Well, not battling it out but chewing on, looking at and discarding ideas that no longer seem true to me. Much of my thinking has been prompted by the current political climate in the U.S. and heart-breaking world events all done in the name of religion and worse yet, Christianity.

So Paul Anlee’s book gave me a gander at how a universe might come to be and continue to be without the first action of a creator.  While I find it fascinating, I  remain on the other side of the aisle from him, God-wise. My personal experience does not allow otherwise. But Paul’s writing intrigues me. Makes me curious to see what more this creator of stories whips up.

So I’m reading futuristic stuff at the same time I’m beginning a series of blogs on how my spiritual life has been partly formed and continues to be impacted by church music penned in the 18th and 19th centuries.

I’ve let quite a bit of the old time religion go but am holding on to many of the classic hymns.  Their words have meant (and continue to mean) too much to let them go.

Future. Present. Past.

The mind is an amazing thing, allowing us to create new worlds while being able to hold vivid memories of old ones. My current state of mind is jumbled. Exploring new thoughts, sorting through  traditions, putting aside those that no longer fit, seeking to find what does.

That’s all.







5 thoughts on “Sci-fi & Old Time Religion: Good Enough for Me

  1. Thanks for the nod to “Reality Thief” — I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I’ll share a secret with you: Much to my surprise, so did I. Shh…don’t tell my scientist husband. Well, I guess I’d better get off-line and finish editing Book 2 so he can release it! And, by the way, I love your writing, insights, and (especially) that we can have these discussions together. Abrazos ❤

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  2. Hi, Nancy. I’m reding Paul’s book now, too, and appreciate your perspective. Nice that we can have all these points of view, and that they’re not the bottom line unless we make that so. I enjoy that you’re staying in the question and staying true to your experience.

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