Y/ It’s All about Mary/a-to-z challenge/ Young People’s Class & Youth Group

Youth groups and young people’s class and Vacation Bible School kept busy in the 50’s and 60’s. Mary was at the center of it all, behind the piano and in front of the kids.

K: It’s All About Mary/#a-to-z challenge/ Kids, Kids, Kids

10 Thornton kids and how they grew. Mary provides a model of love and some criticism.

H: #a-to-z challenge/It’s All about Mary/ Holidays

Holidays with Mary were loud, filled with love and calories. Laughter, music, and plenty of conversation made the world feel like one big party. At least for one day.

F: It’s All About Mary/#atozchallenge Some Favorite & Unfavorite Things

#a-to-z challenge introduces a few of Mary’s favorite and not so favorite things.

The Dining Room/It’s All about Mary #a-to-zchallenge

For mom, life centered around the dining room. During the week it was her office. On the weekends her place to entertain.

C: It’s All About Mary/ Counting My Blessings

Growing up with Mary as a mother meant that music was central to my life. Our┬ádays as a family usually often began with her playing one or two hymns. She wasn’t much of a morning person. If she had her druthers she’d sleep until 9 or 10, I’m sure. Her favorite times of day were… Continue reading C: It’s All About Mary/ Counting My Blessings

Day B: Mary’s Background and Bread

background for Mary Thornton and a bit about her bread