talking to myself

you’ve got to know your audience. when i first started out as an advertising copywriter in the 70s, i was told to have a specific person in mind when I wrote.  one book suggested i write to my grandmother. if i could make her understand whatever i was selling i’d have done my job. for a while… Continue reading talking to myself

Life in six suitcases…Blog 101

(this is an exercise for a blogging course I am taking. if this reads like i’m introducing myself, i am.  to those who already know me, bear with me as I learn more about blogging as I blog!) I retired at 10:35 AM on New Year’s Eve day. With a broad grin on my face and a… Continue reading Life in six suitcases…Blog 101

packing it in

You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone or about gone. At least that’s what the song says. Feels that way to me.  Last week friends in the Copy/Creative Department at work surprised me with a going away party. And I didn’t really realize what a great group of people I’m blessed to work with… Continue reading packing it in