Y/ It’s All about Mary/a-to-z challenge/ Young People’s Class & Youth Group

Youth groups and young people’s class and Vacation Bible School kept busy in the 50’s and 60’s. Mary was at the center of it all, behind the piano and in front of the kids.

S: It’s All about Mary/#a-to-z challenge/ Susan Wesley

The loss of Susan Wesley brought sadness to our family. Mom felt her grief decades later but never lost her faith.

R: It’s All about Mary/#a-to-z challenge/ Relatives and runions

Mary is gone now but her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren continue to remember her and dad. Music, laughter and love continue to the new generations.

K: It’s All About Mary/#a-to-z challenge/ Kids, Kids, Kids

10 Thornton kids and how they grew. Mary provides a model of love and some criticism.

E: It’s All about Mary/ Everybody has a Seat/ #a-to-z challenge

Memories of Sunday dinners and holidays with a table surrounded by love. Laughter, community and good eating were standard fare at Mary’s table.

A: It’s All about Mary

The makings of a memoir of my mother, Mary Scott Gash Thornton. Amazing pianist, much-loved wife and mother. Funny, poignant, insightful and tender moments with a woman I admire more than anyone.