R: It’s All about Mary/#a-to-z challenge/ Relatives and runions

Mary is gone now but her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren continue to remember her and dad. Music, laughter and love continue to the new generations.

M: It’s All about Mary/#a-to-z challenge/ Meals and a Taste of Becoming an Adult

Mary and Dorothy were quite the cooks. Meals and menus that raised money for Greenfield PTA in the 50s. The bitter lesson for me in becoming an adult.

H: #a-to-z challenge/It’s All about Mary/ Holidays

Holidays with Mary were loud, filled with love and calories. Laughter, music, and plenty of conversation made the world feel like one big party. At least for one day.

E: It’s All about Mary/ Everybody has a Seat/ #a-to-z challenge

Memories of Sunday dinners and holidays with a table surrounded by love. Laughter, community and good eating were standard fare at Mary’s table.

Day B: Mary’s Background and Bread

background for Mary Thornton and a bit about her bread

A is for almuerzo

For less than the cost of a small hamburger and drink at McDonalds, you can walk away from lunch in Cuenca having eaten a three-course meal, drink included.  Almuerzo (lunch) is offered in small restaurantes along every block. Patrons squeeze into tiny establishments–indoors or open-air–with three, four or five tables and wait for the owner/chef/ waiter to serve the… Continue reading A is for almuerzo