The Dining Room/It’s All about Mary #a-to-zchallenge

For mom, life centered around the dining room. During the week it was her office. On the weekends her place to entertain.

C: It’s All About Mary/ Counting My Blessings

Growing up with Mary as a mother meant that music was central to my life. Our┬ádays as a family usually often began with her playing one or two hymns. She wasn’t much of a morning person. If she had her druthers she’d sleep until 9 or 10, I’m sure. Her favorite times of day were… Continue reading C: It’s All About Mary/ Counting My Blessings

A: It’s All about Mary

The makings of a memoir of my mother, Mary Scott Gash Thornton. Amazing pianist, much-loved wife and mother. Funny, poignant, insightful and tender moments with a woman I admire more than anyone.

All About Mary

introduction to the upcoming blogs for the April A-to-Z Challenge. Stories of growing up in the 50’s, college in the 70’s, life in small town, mid-America, fundamentalist turned progressive and the hoopla that ensured. All told around the life of an amazingly talented and loving woman called Mom.

What makes me one the world’s richest people

reflections on the gifts provided me by my dad and mother. i’m blessed this Holiday season.