R: It’s All about Mary/#a-to-z challenge/ Relatives and runions

Mary is gone now but her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren continue to remember her and dad. Music, laughter and love continue to the new generations.

M: It’s All about Mary/#a-to-z challenge/ Meals and a Taste of Becoming an Adult

Mary and Dorothy were quite the cooks. Meals and menus that raised money for Greenfield PTA in the 50s. The bitter lesson for me in becoming an adult.

K: It’s All About Mary/#a-to-z challenge/ Kids, Kids, Kids

10 Thornton kids and how they grew. Mary provides a model of love and some criticism.

J: It’s All about Mary/#a-t-z challenge/ Journey to Japan and Back

Mary’s journey from daughter to wife, then mother then missionary. Well-traveled and willing to go where her husband wished. Her life was an adventure.