What’s it all about?

IMG_2207I’ve made a life for myself with words. From the first poem I penned in second grade about puppies to selling some of the  world’s most comfortable shoes.  Through all those years I had teachers, editors, account people, clients even clients’ wives telling me how to make my copy better. And on occasion they were right.

But now, I am the arbiter of what goes down word-wise on this site. So…no capital letters should I feel like it. Plenty of dashes, ellipses and commas used wherever and whenever i choose. Grammar rules be gone.

Expect to read more of the adventures of the Thornton-Vander Plaats as we move to South America and discover a new heaven on earth. Go with us as we say so long to the Big Dipper and hola! to the Southern Cross. You’ll learn more about the joys of scaling back and living with less, the challenges of learning a new language after 60, the exhaustion of keeping up with a high-energy 12-year old and ultimately finding out more about the meaning of life in the Andes.